In continuing the PT Talks video series, Hafriz Shah and Matthew Tong discuss the three hottest automotive topics in the past week. The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) recently released the collective sales results for Q1 2018, which shows Perodua achieving a 41.1% market share – an all-time high for the Malaysian automaker.

The stats reveal Proton’s diminishing market share, while a few premium car brands recorded an increase in sales. Also part of the discussion are Borgward’s maiden debut in ASEAN, as well as the new G20 BMW 3 Series rendering.

Will Borgward be off to a good start, considering that a local production facility will be established for the region? And will the new BMW 3 Series come with a fresh new dose of the desirability factor that Mercedes-Benz is exploiting so well with its crop of cars? Find out what we think in the video above.

As usual, let us know what you think in the comments section below. In fact, chime in – what do you think we should talk about in our next episode? Until next time, enjoy watching this one.