The recent free-for-all landscape for special series vehicle number plates may have ended, but there’s always the regular running number plate series to fall back on. One that is expected to be popular is the upcoming KEN number plate series from Kedah, Bernama reports.

The Kedah Road Transport Department (JPJ) is expecting over 2,500 tender applications for the KEN series that will be open for bidding at the end of this month. Its director Ismasuhaimi Shariff said that the number of applications for KEN is expected to be the highest ever for the state, and prices could go up to RM500,000.

“The tender application for the KEN series of registration number plates will be open to the public at the latest by the end of May and we expect to get a lot of applications compared to previously. In terms of price, previously the bids reached RM300,000 for a number, but this time we expect bids up to RM500,000, while the single digit numbers would exceed RM100,000,” he told reporters.

According to a notice put up by the department, bidding for the series was supposed to have run from April 16 to May 2, but it looks like that timeframe may have been extended.

In any case, if your name is Ken, this would be a great opportunity.