Audi is looking towards solid-state battery technology as an integral component for a proper lightweight electric sports cars, reports CarAdvice. The German automaker said that while there’s no issue in using current-generation lithium-ion batteries in sports cars, the advantages gained from solid-state batteries (better packaging and higher capacity) can’t be ignored.

According to Audi’s product and technology communications, Peter Oberndorfer, the company already has plans to produce an electric four-door GT-style sports car, rivalling the Tesla Model S. He also hinted that an R8-style electric supercar could be on the way, pending the new battery tech.

“We will have very sporty battery electric cars… the so-called e-tron GT, whether that will be the final name or not, but it will be a four-door car not a successor of the R8,” Oberndorfer said. He added that while the current battery tech meets power requirements, it comes at the expensive of driving dynamics, which is an important requirement for say, an R8 customer.

“Basically electric cars have very good balance because the batteries are between the axle and very low, maybe with a sports car, it would be different… The e-tron GT is still three years away or something like that, so you will be surprised what we can do,” Oberndorfer explained.

“I personally think we need more battery development because sports cars should be light, if you go very fast you need a lot of battery and you don’t want to spend three days going from the Nurburgring to Munich or the other way around. I think for real sports cars you need development of battery and surroundings and then you could think about it,” he continued.

The R8 e-tron was Audi’s previous electric sports car but has since been dropped due to poor sales. Reports claim that “less than 100 units” were made, and the hefty one million euro price tag didn’t help either.

Not too long ago, Audi revealed the e-tron Vision Gran Turismo, an electric racer that exists in both the digital and real world. In the case of the latter, the vehicle featured three electric motors (one at the front, two at the rear) that makes a combined 804 hp and 1,001 Nm of torque. A precursor to a successor for the electric R8? We’ll have to wait and see.