Number plates earned Perlis JPJ RM45m in two years

Number plates are serious business these days, and while the new government has put a stop to privately issued number plates, there are still some attractive “running series” numbers available. Perlis, with its R suffix, has churned out quite a few of late, and unsurprisingly, they’ve raked in a tidy sum for the state Road Transport Department (JPJ).

Perlis JPJ has revealed that it collected RM45.17 million from vehicle plate number tenders from 2015 until last year. In that period, the highest collection was from the RR series, which alone raked RM12.2 million last year. The RM series was also popular.

“The highest bid in Perlis JPJ’s history was made for RR 6 at RM459,800,” director Shahrul Azhar Mat Dali told reporters at the the department’s Hari Raya event in Kangar last week, reported by Bernama. He added that revenue collected so far this year from the sale of plate numbers is RM12.07 million.

With RX done and dusted, the latest series is RY 1 to RY 9999, which was open for tender on July 5. Bidding for RY closes at noon on July 18.