Our spy photographers have provided more photos of the upcoming G20 BMW 3 Series, this time giving us our first look at an all-electric variant. The battery-powered 3 Series will be part of BMW Group’s electrified portfolio with other models like the iX3 and the MINI Cooper EV.

Visually, the test mule doesn’t differ all that much from a previous sighting of a non-M Sport prototype, with the headlamps, bottom fogs and taillights all on show. The car still features quite a lot of camouflage on it but the ‘Electric Test Vehicle’ tags on the body gives away plenty.

Those rear ‘exhaust outlets’ you see are merely decorative pieces as our spies pointed out, serving no real purpose. They added that a Tesla Model 3 was also part of the testing convoy although it wasn’t seen together with the wrapped mule.

Unsurprisingly, the Model 3 will be one of the 3 Series EV’s rivals, along with an EQ sedan from Mercedes-Benz in the future. Electric mobility is part of BMW’s Number One > Next strategy, where it plans to offer 25 models with electrified drive systems by 2025.

The 3 Series EV will sport the brand’s next-generation electric powertrains that feature a more compact drive unit as well as being modular and scalable for use in a number of models. This avoids the need for custom platforms as was the case with the i3 and i8.