Yesterday, it was reported that Touch ‘n Go parent company CIMB Group Holdings had filed a notice of arbitration dated December 17 against PLUS in a bid to stop the highway concessionaire from introducing its own radio-frequency identification (RFID) toll collection system.

According to CIMB, PLUS’ introduction of its own RFID system breaches the obligations under the Touch ‘n Go joint venture, which CIMB, its wholly-owned subsidiary CIMB SI 1 and PLUS entered into an agreement with back in May 1998.

Now, PLUS has officially confirmed that it has been served the arbitration notice, but the concessionaire is not backing down on its decision to proceed with its own RFID system. In a press statement, PLUS said it firmly believes that the recent launch of the PLUS RFID targeted pilot will promote choices to the rakyat.

The company said it offers options and convenience for customers to pay as you use, with credit and debit cards, in addition to the existing e-wallet and prepaid mode of payment provided by Touch ‘n Go. Citing that Touch ‘n Go’s e-wallet and prepaid payment remains one of the options in the PLUS RFID targeted pilot, PLUS said it therefore believes that it is not in breach of any agreement.

It added that providing additional choices to highway users should be considered a virtue, in line with the spirit of the Touch ‘n Go agreement to provide users the best customer service, and said it was looking forward to making its case in the arbitration proceedings.