Prepare your tin foil hats because what appears to be official photos of the new A90 Toyota Supra have made their online, specifically on the well-informed SupraMKV forum.

According to the source, these photos were sent to a user who signed up to be on the waiting list for the car via email from Toyota Germany. This may help in the case of the photos’ legitimacy, but if still you have your doubts, keep those hats on.

The Supra in the photos certainly looks very similar to what we’ve seen in previous leaks, with plenty of noteworthy cues. These include the shape and design of the headlamps and accompanying DRLs at the front, which are joined by vertical intakes at the corners.

Meanwhile, a pointed nose leads into the lower apron that has been divided into three sections by body-coloured “blades.” Much like the silver example seen prior, a front lip spoiler with integrated canards is also fitted.

Progressing further back, we spot vents just above the front wheel arches and slits on the doors, all design elements we’ve seen on official prototypes in the past – including the double bubble roof. Heck, even the wheels look the same as those on the wrapped test mules.

As for the rear, it is another familiar sight with slim headlamps that lead into side slits, the nostalgic ‘Supra’ typeface, dual exhaust, F1-style centre-mounted fog light and diffuser. Much like the front end, there are aerodynamic elements also found in the corners of the bumper.

With this assessment, are you convinced that you’re looking at the new Supra? If the answer is still no, you’ll have to wait for Toyota to officially unveil its sport car at next year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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