Leaving your pet (or child) in a car on a hot day while you’re off running errands is a big no-no, as temperatures inside a car’s cabin can often reach dangerous levels. To address the issue, Tesla has introduced a new Dog Mode so your furry friend can remain cool while you’re popping by a store.

The new feature is part of a new software update (along with Sentry Mode) introduced by the electric carmaker, allowing owners to keep the climate control system running on their Teslas until they return.

To turn on Dog Mode, owners will first need to tap the fan icon at the base of the touchscreen when their car is parked. They will then need to tap “Keep Climate On to Dog,” set the desired temperature, and Dog Mode will be enabled after they leave the car.

As electric cars are quiet most of the time, a message on the screen will let other pedestrians know that the owner’s pets are fine. Should the owner be absent for an extended period of time, and the car’s battery reaches less than 20%, a notification will be sent to the owner’s mobile app.

Keep in mind that Dog Mode should not be confused with Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Prevention feature, which when active, prevents the cabin temperature from going beyond 40 degrees Celsius for up to 12 hours after you exit your vehicle. The idea for Dog Mode comes after a Twitter user posted the suggestion to Elon Musk, after Tesla release of Software Version 9.0 that includes the above-mentioned Cabin Overheat Prevention.