This is the new Toyota GR Supra GT4 Concept, which serves as a preview for a race car that is compliant with GT4 racing regulations. Much like numerous other GT4-spec race cars, the idea is to make motorsports more accessible and affordable for privateer racers and small teams.

As such, modifications aren’t extensive as you might find on a GT3-spec car. On the exterior, a specially-designed front diffuser and rear wing have been added to help improve airflow around the chassis, reducing drag and optimising downforce. Instead of carbon-fibre, these items are made from natural fibres such as hemp and flax to reduce the impact on the environment.

The suspension setup is identical to the road car, including the MacPherson strut front and multilink rear, but competition springs, dampers and anti-roll bars are used instead of the stock ones.

A set of high-performance Brembo brakes is also added, while the original wheels have been swapped out for OZ lightweight racing wheels instead. Under the bonnet, the 3.0 litre turbocharged straight-six is retained, with the addition of a motorsport-grade ECU, driveshafts, limited slip differential and bespoke wiring looms.

Meanwhile, the lightly stripped cabin gets a roll cage, FIA-standard fire extinguisher, as well as an OMP racing seat and steering wheel. You’ll also get a motorsport-specific fuel tank and a fast refuelling system.

Despite looking very much race ready, Toyota won’t be offering a production version of the concept just yet. For now, it is evaluating the interest of potential customers before deciding on future development of the vehicle.

GALLERY: A90 Toyota GR Supra