The Audi S5 is, for the first time, available with a diesel powertrain. The second-generation S5 made its debut nearly three years ago, and was powered solely by a turbocharged 3.0 TFSI engine. This time, the S5 gets an electrified 3.0 litre TDI V6, which is the same unit found in the SQ5, S6 and S7 TDI.

Here, the electrified diesel mill produces 347 PS and 700 Nm of torque (identical to the SQ5 TDI). The century sprint is managed in 4.8 seconds (4.9 seconds for the Sportback), and the top speed is capped at 250 km/h. In comparison, the petrol-powered S5 Sportback makes 354 hp and 500 Nm of torque, and sprints from 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds.

The biggest difference between the two powertrains is fuel consumption. The mild-hybrid TDI engine has an average reading of 6.2 litres per 100 km versus the 3.0 TFSI petrol’s figure of 7.3 litres per 100 km (based on WLTP standards). That’s 19% more efficient, Audi says, and the vehicle can also coast between 55 km/h and 160 km/h with the engine shut off.

Again, like the S6 and S7 TDI, this S5 gets an electric powered compressor (EPC) that supposedly provides a “very vigorous acceleration” and repeatable boost function while accelerating. It has a response time of under 300 milliseconds (slightly slower than the S6/S7) and provides a peak output of seven kW (maximum rotational speed of 65,000 rpm).

EPC works together with a conventional turbocharger, allowing near instant acceleration from standstill. The automaker’s 48-volt electrical architecture is standard here as well, with a belt alternator starter (BAS) that’s capable of recuperating up to 8 kW of power and 60 Nm of torque. A DC/DC converter steps this voltage down for components in the 12–volt electrical system.

A compact, air-cooled lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 0.5 kWh installed under the luggage compartment floor serves as the energy centre. With that, Audi says the TDI engine is the ideal unit for agility, spontaneity, low fuel consumption and long range, with a suitably resonant sound to match.

The engine is mated to an eight-speed Tiptronic automatic, which is the same unit as the S5 3.0 TFSI. However, the torsion damper in the Tiptronic’s converter includes an rpm-adaptive damper to cushion the vibrations of the V6 diesel that occur at very low engine speeds. Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive is standard, while the sport differential is optional.

Progressive steering with sports ratios is featured as standard, but it’s been fitted with S-specific power assist system. Dynamic steering and suspension with damper control, which are optional, can be specified as well. Other than that, much of the car is the same as the existing S5, which includes the exterior and interior kit. If anything, customers can of course choose to personalise the car to their liking.

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