There’s an even more potent version of the AMG GT set to take pride of place a step above the GT R Pro – could it be called the Black Series? Whatever it may be called eventually, the development car photographed at the Nurburgring recently appears to boast of even more aggressive aero enchancements than the current range-topper, more than likely matched with higher engine outputs.

Much of the current AMG GT look is retained for the Black Series here, though the intended track use emphasis sees the front bumper dive planes augmented with a secondary element extended across the width of each side intake – this appears to be more in line with the upper third of the intake, rather than along the lower third as on the GT R Pro. There also appears to be larger structural supports for the front splitter. A third pair of dive planes also appear above the side vents, behind the front wheels.

More changes abound at the Black Series’ rear end, where the bootlid is topped by a more steeply-angled rear wing for added downforce, while curiously for a more track-focused car, the vertical elements at each end of the rear bumper (just behind the rear wheel arch) from the GT R Pro is omitted here. The protuding quartet of tailpipes is likely a work in progress too, which could be more integrated into the rear bumper.

The expected Black Series moniker denotes the sharp end of the AMG spear, and thus positioned, the development team is likely to go to town with the M178 4.0 litre biturbo V8. Peak power figures anywhere between 650 hp to 700 hp are expected, with torque outputs to match, which is some distance from the 577 hp and 700 Nm of the AMG GT R.

Its track focus means the GT Black Series is likely to retain items from the GT R Pro such as manually adjustable dampers and torsion bars, albeit with Black Series-specific tuning, and likely along with interior kit such as one-piece bucket seats, roll-cage, multi-point safety harnesses and fire extinguisher.

A Black Series AMG product could also be the swansong for that model generation it is applied to. Is a successor to the C190 AMG GT just beyond the horizon then?