Maserati has previously announced its plans for the electrification of its vehicle line-up, and is now giving us a sample of what’s in store. The Italian carmaker has begun the testing phase of its new electric propulsion systems, and is letting us hear them in action.

That may sound odd considering the company’s history of developing cars that emit lovely noises from an internal combustion engine, but the company is assuring its customers that its EVs will have an “unmistakable sound.” Just so its known, while electric motors run rather silent, they still emit a whine and whistle, which Maserati are aiming to amplify and use it to enhance the driving experience.

“During this experimental phase, the sound that will characterise the electric engine will also be developed. The next full electric models will have a distinctive signature sound, already a unique attribute of all Maserati cars equipped with traditional combustion engines,” the company said in an official release.

Maserati’s electric powertrains are currently being developed at its facility in Modena, with all research and development work being carried out complete in-house. The company also noted that the GranTurismo and GranCabrio will be its first cars to adopt the electric powertrains, and will be built at its Turin production hub.

If there’s any concern that Maserati will complete abandon internal combustion engines, rest assured that this will not happen. The company has previously stated while EVs and plug-in hybrids will be part of its line-up moving forward, there’s no possibility that the whole range will ever go fully electric.