Rapid KL LRT/MRT, all stage bus services to operate limited hours during MCO – no service from 10am-5pm

Rapid KL LRT/MRT, all stage bus services to operate limited hours during MCO – no service from 10am-5pm

Prasarana has announced that in line with the movement control order (MCO), it will be revising yet again the operating frequency of its Rapid rail and key stage bus services during the period, from tomorrow (March 24) until March 31.

All Rapid KL train services covering the LRT, MRT and monorail services will be operating only from 6am to 10am before stopping, then restarting services from 5pm to 10pm under the following schedule:

Monday to Friday:

  • 6am – 7am: 30-minute frequency
  • 7am – 9am: 10-minute frequency (peak hours)
  • 9am – 10am: 30-minute frequency
  • 5pm – 7pm: 10-minute frequency (peak hours)
  • 7pm – 10pm: 30-minute frequency

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays:

  • 6am – 10am: 30-minute frequency
  • 5pm – 10pm: 30-minute frequency

Rapid KL LRT/MRT, all stage bus services to operate limited hours during MCO – no service from 10am-5pm

Commuters have been asked to take note that there will be no service in between 10am to 5pm from March 24 to 31. The last train will end its service at 10pm, and all stations will be closed accordingly, the company said in a statement.

The latest LRT/MRT scheduling supersedes the previously announced timetable on March 18, which reduced the frequency of trains to 10 minute intervals from 6am to midnight daily from March 20.

As for stage buses – all Rapid KL, Rapid Penang, Rapid Kuantan, Rapid Kamunting and Rapid Manjung services will also be operating only from 6am to 10am before stopping, resuming again from 5pm to 10pm.

Rapid KL LRT/MRT, all stage bus services to operate limited hours during MCO – no service from 10am-5pm

The company said that bus commuters can refer to the Bus Tracking Web App (MCO period only) for current bus locations, while Rapid Penang customers can download the Rapid Penang Journey Planner app from Google Play.

Meanwhile, feri Pulau Pinang, which is run by Rapid Ferry, will be operating a single ferry every hour between 6am and 10am, and then again between 5pm and 10pm.

Prasarana advises members of the public i.e. those under essential services and requiring to work and need to use these services to plan their journey well or seek alternative transport. Others should just strictly follow the government’s order to just stay at home in a bid to halt the spread of Covid-19.

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  • Less trips mean more tabligh flers in one coach.

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  • Anti Kunta Trooper on Mar 23, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    Ladies & gentlemen, you must understand that why you should ignore Kunta and his dupes.

    I know you guys hoping that the anti proton supporter does not come here to talk busuk that Proton not good & China not good whatsoever, especially claiming that fuel price is so cheap that was the time during PH administration. As most of the time, Kunta always telling lies for the past 22 months as what “Cloth” also said about Kunta. And we also suspect that Kunta always spending his time for disliking his comment about proton, toyota while liking his comments. Found from evidence in (https://paultan.org/2020/03/05/umw-toyota-motor-announces-recall-for-13500-units-of-toyota-lexus-models-potentially-faulty-fuel-pump/). All these is because when kunta always very jealous that proton/toyota sales had taken their sales from honda, he started to talk busuk about proton/toyota. Can tell that his mind always going beserks and panics all of sudden. HIs bloods and thoughts pump-up and tempers set into overdrive which only one troll spend whole 24 hours for nearly 2000 likes/dislikes without doing his works, sleep or eat. Even, Kunta also uses his own dupes like “Insane Determination 100”, “Kerajaan Pintu Belakang”, “newme”, “ASB”, “tikus”, “Denso Japan” and etc. And he always claim that “Oh, his dupes are not related to Kunta”. But in the truth, no one ever believes Kunta, which we know his dupes statements are more similar to Kunta. He always coming from honda supporter/P2 supporter. And he always ignoring other people’s comments for their good statements until now when they always advising Kunta. And that he always never admits that Kunta is the one who put liking/disliking comments, using his own dupes, always claiming that like Angry Voters from john & Cloth from Mario. His attitude always never change.

    Just like what he has been doing recently when posting about updated fuel price recently in (https://paultan.org/2020/03/20/march-2020-week-4-fuel-price-ron-95-under-rm1-50-but-please-dont-rush-out-to-pump-fuel-unnecessarily/). Just after PN government replaced PH government for few weeks ago, he still never learn from their lessons. He dislikes about PN government and likes about PH government by using his own dupes like “Almighty Snack Bar” & “OTAK in Comment Section”, especially for last week fuel price in (https://paultan.org/2020/03/13/march-2020-week-three-fuel-price-petrol-diesel-down/) also uses Kunta dupes like “Songlap Songlap Malaysia”, “Sidek Kamiso”, “Curt Curi Malaysia”, “Haniff Bustaman“, “Razlan Harri“ and etc. At the same time, kunta simply claims that Cloth from Mario. Mario didn’t do anything at all. He didn’t reply for the long time. He always tells the truth most of the time during last year paultan articles especially for john, Angry Voters, Rakyat Malaysia and etc. Unlike Kunta & his dupes including newme, he has been lying for the past 22 months until now.

    So hope you need to understand to all of you. And we would like to agree that we need to ban Kunta and his dupes from continuing posting his comments in paultan so that we can have more freedom from Kunta. Everyone are already very upset about having Kunta from the past 22 months until now.

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    • Won Many Debates! Be Proud Guys! on Mar 26, 2020 at 2:47 am

      Im now here to clarify as short as i can.
      and to whomever read this piece, thanks!
      I Don’t know where to start
      Maybe *-*years ago, cant remember everything. so fast the time goes by.
      Not used to write a long confession, a repentance, realization on all off my past behaviours and actions in PT.org.
      First of all, so many thing happened on my real life during that time, job, money, backstabbing and family issues.
      Most of all, nothing to be proud off.
      to suppress those mentally drained and weakness, PT.org is like a heavenly gift, a platform for me to share my piece with other person anonymously.
      At first I just posted a short comment, bad english, nothing spectacular as some the other englanders did.
      As time goes by, i felt unappreciated no one would put a like to my comments
      but someother’s regulars always received many likes. so i thought why not juts copy their lines and change a little to make it more personal.
      Then after a while, my posting received more love than before, so i continue this style of copy paste, added on comment for 2-3 months. Then the feeling of enough is not enough, wanting more attentions always bugging me. By that time, someone else already received the highest votes, and this fella keeps improving his technique, but totally on the dark side of the votes, the most hated trolls, non stop disliked.
      I understand why the hatred poured nonstop on him but i love the attentions and the total votes that he gained, eventhough all are negative but thats the juicy part, those two combination of constant dislike and arguments that he received on each of his comments really captured my interests. I know you may think its weird, but that time, im more into hate everything, blame everyone.
      So im starting to study his composition, copy some, mixed with my research-recent data, twist the fact, put all that together as logically as possible, finally becoming my signature on each of my comments.
      Then the next 7days, booms! all hell break lose, i wont forget my 5th comment, reveived the most reply, most hated guy on that day. I love the feeling, king of the the day, yes the attention that i would never had in a million years as in my real me my real life. A small part of me always reminded me to stop, but i just ignored it as i cant stop now, im on top of my game, I love it when them, John, his frens and many P1 fans supporters later on coming to post an argument on my comment constantly and continuously. Sometime they the 2nd group will come to these last week comment to counter and argue on my comment again, i love to return to these articles, to reread mine and theirs on weekend on my couch until i fell asleep.
      Ya, I know its not nice to bash with no real facts. my critic sometime depends on the mood, i posted several moderately acceptable views, some are logical and others i totally agreed and admitted already crossing the border, hurting some feeling, a sublime racist to people and the brand etc. But the hated one received the highest dislikes.
      I would says sorry to you john for always undermined and assassinated your character with Tikus, Malas, Lembap, Bodohan, Tidur, Nasi Menus etc, Thats because you guys are good, improved your arguments on the fly from time to time. Sometimes i cant catchup, reversed the fact, so I lost off words, dead on points. You won the Debate!.Yes You Won! I would say sorry and thanks to all Proton supporters and many others sensible readers here whom given me a curse/sinister msg. Thanks to anyone in the past, patiencely adviced me to stop and change my way.
      Yes your wish come true, I will stop today, you won’t received any comment from me and my associate username here. I repeat you all wont hear from me again. If the bashing continue in the future, that wouldn’t be me, someone else can easily falling to the mud, believing by following me and other footsteps to the dark side to get better attentions, happier life but please dont do it, it ls really bad, karma will bite you sooner than you think.
      I actually ashamed to explain what had happened to me recently. The final nailed is on that day,18march/MCO. My world crumbled&crushed.
      So i will keep that secret only to myself.
      Good Bye PT, oh too early, yo the secrets
      Yes thats true, i did a backup, inside interest, working for and support *2 & **n**, paid or not, its a secret, signed the ND, but lets not indulge the details. Not a good results to showoff for now, when its too much, people will see thru the intention, you can do ‘not too much but not too little’, I mean better not doing it now, as they’re more smarter buyer nowadays.
      Pls see the monthly sales data.
      ‘They’ really h*** it! You guys W**!
      You’re wrong!, a no no to Toyota. Salah tembak dude, Cobis19 is not mine.he’s just a copycat. Why would i wasted my time on all out 1000 likes? I thought you guys having somekind of 1000 voting war with him and finally your side won, crowned the Champion lol, but wait, you guys already won the crown before that, on Lexus recall, you win both wars? so why complain?. Salahan tembak next, tembak kasi betui, Newme is not mine, another old-timer on-off troll, he’s tough! He like to argue then argue again with you over 1 comment lol. Please be open and think again bro, why you always blames me, then me again and me only for every remarks against your Idols. I have other things to do just like you normal peoples. Kasihan sama saya la abang, Im just another human being, with one job, one foot on throttle and just 2 hands on steering and smartphone. Kasi muka sama saya, I dont know everything la Yassinku, not Bossku liao. Just like those PUBG troop using DAP as the target, the dangerous evil figure to bash Halangan nonstop. Ini semua salahan DAP.
      Those 2, tulis sana panjang2 are what now? Insane and denso users aren’t mine. They’re new la but lucky you they’re on your side, voting with your group lol, not me, aiyoo kasihan kena tembak belakang, sebab masuik pintu salah woo, lucky in just social media not in the real life, deadly shot with digital’s darahan some more haha.
      Seriously, jangan main main tembak la abang, It is not easy to trace everyone intentions in PT. Thousand and hundred more coming here, Good Job PT!, There’re countless others than you here. You cant slumped all of them into just one side, newer visitors also can be real salesman&girl, carbuyer looking for information, Goverment hater, a troll or just casually come to read and lucky you then they really put a like on your comment. By the way, i really hate that user, who posted such emotional and girly pieces on showroom is empty and pls argue with me, im so lonely, that’s really arrowhit me hard. Gurl, i want to kill you on that night!
      Million Sorry Guys and Thanks
      Special jawi’s note to you John&Others
      I’m really “alif nun sod alif fa” la abangs
      #Stay@Home Guys. #6+14More2Go
      Oh my sis ws me now, too long already, stop for real DN

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      • Anti Kunta Trooper on Mar 28, 2020 at 2:52 pm

        You had already apologized to john. That’s fine. Now tell me, can see suspected you are voting nearly 2000 votes for 3 times in the website. And can see that Kobis19, Insane Determination, newme are from Kunta. He is honda/Perodua supporter. Anyway let me tell you more, I would tell you what happen for few years ago. Actually the last part is not right bro.

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      • Mario on Mar 28, 2020 at 6:57 pm

        I will forgive you for now. Let me explain to you of what have I done to kunta last year. Besides, But your last part, is wrong bro, It is not toyota salesman fault. So you shouldn’t put toyota. But I have a case in the long story of why? Honda salesmen are showing off towards mazda happens last year. And one of a troll BUT NOT FROM KUNTA put 2000 likes in Lexus recalls that also bash towards p1 & toyota and others too.

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