Yesterday, following the closure of JPJ service counters and offices across the country until the end of the movement control order (MCO) period on March 31, the transport ministry announced that motorists would have to renew their driver’s license and road tax online via the MySikap JPJ portal or MyEG.

It added that those who did not have the public/portal ID to access MySikap JPJ can use MyEG, although the latter only does road tax renewal and not licences. This scenario poses a problem for those wanting to renew their driver’s licence without an existing MySikap ID, because a reference number to set-up the account can only be obtained physically at a JPJ counter.

Recognising this difficulty, the government has announced a temporary waiver for those whose driver’s licence expires during the MCO. Transport minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong announced today that the requirement for renewal of individual driving licenses has been excluded for the duration of the MCO.

This means that anyone who has a driving license that has expired during the March 20 to 31 period can still drive their own vehicle, but the vehicle is required to have valid insurance coverage and road tax. The ministry said that drivers are advised to bring a copy of their vehicle’s insurance certificate or an e-cover note while driving during the period of the MCO.

The ministry added that individuals must renew their expired licenses within 30 days after the MCO is declared over. Meanwhile, those who have renewed their road tax online during the MCO period will also need to collect the physical copy as soon as the MCO is over. During the MCO, proof of fee payment through a receipt is good enough to serve as the road tax.

Wee said that the same approach would apply to goods driving licence (GDL) and commercial vehicle licence holders. He said the ministry aims to ensure that the supply of essential goods, especially food to the public, remains unaffected and uninterrupted in the fight against Covid-19.