Well, that didn’t even start before it got halted. Starting from tomorrow, April 1, the government is imposing tighter measures in the second phase of the movement control order (MCO) in a bid to flatten the Covid-19 curve. In line with that, Terengganu police had announced earlier today that it was implementing a new system aimed at limiting the movement of traffic in the state from tomorrow until the end of the MCO.

This was to involve rotating between odd and even registration numbers for daily vehicle movement from tomorrow, using the last digit of the plate registration number as the basis for the format. That has now been put on hold, with the cops announcing earlier this evening that the delay is necessary for a more detailed study.

The plan was supposed to have only private vehicles with registrations ending with an odd number (for example, 1223) being allowed to travel for any purpose (unless individuals have special permission from authorities to do so) in Terengganu on April 1.

Then, on April 2, vehicles with even numbers at the end of their registration (say 1332) would be allowed to move about, the format continuing to rotate on a daily basis until April 14. Any private vehicles with the wrong number sequence would not be allowed to move through restrictions or roadblocks, and drivers would be asked to turn around and go back home.

The police were hoping to limit the number of vehicles on the road with the system, saying that many in the state were still ignoring the ongoing MCO and moving about. One wonders if the novel idea will now make it into working reality.