As a result of the movement control order (MCO), all car showrooms and service centres in the country will remain closed until April 14, and the inability to send vehicles in for routine maintenance has led to questions about whether that delay in scheduled service will have an impact on any warranty claims down the line, should these crop up

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has announced that missed servicing for its Mercedes-Benz vehicles as a result of restrictions brought about by MCO will not affect the warranty of eligible vehicles.

The company says that vehicles where the service or warranty period due date falls between the period of the MCO are covered, but owners should schedule a vehicle service or send in their car for a warranty repair to be performed within four weeks following the lifting of the MCO to maintain the status of the warranty.

Customers needing emergency services for their vehicle or having any urgent query relating to the vehicle during this period can contact 1-800-88-1133, where off-site personnel will be able to assist remotely.