Malaysians love food and will go out of their way to find it. Apparently, this practice hasn’t stopped even with the movement control order (MCO) in place, because quite a few people are still attempting to satisfy their food cravings.

As Bernama reports, this persistent behaviour has drawn the ire of the inspector-general of police, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador, who said that going out for the sake of buying one’s favourite food is a lame excuse. He said that stern action can be taken on those who use such a line as a reason for being out when questioned at a roadblock.

He urged the public to remain at home and comply with the MCO, and repeated that cooperation from all quarters was crucial to ensure that the Covid-19 infection chain could be broken. He added that being out unneccesarily increased the risk, and anyone can be infected by it, regardless of their skin colour, race, religion or status.

“Now is the time for people to ‘sacrifice’ by refraining themselves from leaving their home as they could be at risk. Just be patient. Once the situation improves, we might see less rigid restrictions,” he said, adding that whether or not there would be a further extension to the MCO would all depend on public compliance with it.

In a related incident, 24 people were detained in Penang in the wee hours of the morning for flouting the MCO, all because they had a craving for nasi lemak and were trying to satisfy that fix, the New Straits Times reports.

Police personnel patrolling around the area stumbled upon the group at the back of a house at Mukim 3, Sungai Pinang at 2am. They were patronising a nasi lemak stall operated by a 23-year-old, who had no licence to operate the business. The cops detained everyone, including the nasi lemak stall operator.

Eleven of them were remanded until today, while the rest have been remanded until tomorrow (Tuesday). According to southwest district police chief Superintendent A. A. Anbalagan, the seller claimed that he operated the stall since last year but did not possess any business operating license from the local council. The police also said that he violated the MCO for operating his stall beyond the hours allowed.

So, folks, we all have to eat, yes, but make those travel distances to bungkus your food short if you really have to go out to get breakfast, lunch or dinner. Be mindful of the 10 km limit for the radius of travel and adhere to the one-person-per-car rule. If you can, just stay at home and makan. Most importantly, skip that illegal supper.