Continuing with the flurry of new price lists today, Renault distributor TC Euro Cars has released prices for its models after the government’s reduction/exemption of the sales and service tax (SST). As with the others, this list is valid from June 15 to December 31.

The sole CKD locally-assembled Renault eligible for the 100% exemption is the Captur, now 2.49% cheaper at RM105,289 on-the-road without insurance, a saving of RM2,691. Although the company did not announce prices of the crossover’s other variants in its press release, a perusal of the official website revealed that the higher-end Captur+ gets the same rebate, perhaps because its additional features are considered accessories and are thus not taxed. It is now priced at RM110,608, 2.38% less expensive than before.

Next up, the Trophy package, consisting of Vibrant Orange Trophy paint, a bodykit and a hands-free powered tailgate. It was launched last year at the same price as a standard Captur, but in February it was hiked some RM6,020 to RM114,000. With the SST exemption, it now retails at RM111,309, a 2.36% saving.

The rest of the lineup is fully imported and thus qualifies for a 50% SST deduction. The Koleos is RM6,687 cheaper for the standard version (now RM173,201, down 3.72%) and RM7,021 cheaper for the Signature (now RM182,867, down 3.72%). A new addition is the Signature Plus, which comes with a bodykit and a dash cam. Its retail price was RM194,888, but the same RM7,021 discount makes it 3.6% cheaper at RM187,867.

The bodykit of the new Koleos Signature Plus

Last but not least is the Megane RS 280. This hot hatch gets a significant saving and is now priced at RM270,089 (down 3.5%, or RM9,799) with a six-speed manual gearbox and RM288,218 (down 3.89%, or RM11,670) with a dual-clutch transmission.

On top of all this are the continuing deals for those who purchase their cars from the online Renault E-Store. These include a six-month waiver on instalments and additional trade-in rebates worth up to RM8,400 for the Captur, RM4,000 for the Koleos and RM17,000 for the Megane RS 280. The Captur and Koleos also get a five-year/100,000 km free service package.