At the start of the recovery movement control order (RMCO), the police announced that it was set to maintain a presence on highways and major federal and state roads across the country in anticipation of the expected surge in traffic from a “delayed” balik kampung exodus.

Aside from monitoring traffic flow, the police it would also carry out traffic enforcement, focusing on various offences such as speeding and driving on the emergency lane.

Now, statistics reveal that there has been no shortage of traffic offences in the first eight days of the RMCO, what with a total of 80,950 summonses issued to motorists from June 10 until Wednesday (June 17), according to Bernama.

Bukit Aman traffic investigation and enforcement department (JSPT) director Datuk Azisman Alias said that the major offences committed were driving over the speed limit (37,802), expired licenses (12,169) and disobeying traffic signs (10,390).

He said that the police would also bring the offenders to court if they violated road rules and the law, citing drink-driving infringements and motorcyclists caught racing on public roads as examples.