The sports car is alive and well, especially in Japan. Recent famous nameplate revivals include the Toyota Supra and upcoming Nissan Fairlady Z, but before those came the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ twins. Debuting in 2012, the Toyobaru has since become an enthusiast and tuner favourite thanks to (relative) affordability and a huge aftermarket of parts and mods.

The last batch of BRZ went on sale earlier this year, but in September 2019, Toyota and Subaru agreed on a new capital alliance that confirmed the next-gen 86/BRZ. Fast forward one year and Subaru is now ready to reveal the second-generation BRZ. The carmaker has officially announced that the world premiere will be in this fall, which means that we’re sure to see the new BRZ in 2020.

The above image of a wheel (10-spoke, gunmetal) and a vent just behind it is the only official teaser released so far, but those who attended the 2020 Subiefest World Record Attempt and Charity Drive in Costa Mesa, California, over the weekend got a first look at the 2022 BRZ.

Pics posted by attendees including stinicktuned show a coupe with blue camo in a shape that isn’t a big departure from today’s Toyobaru. The face would be rather different though – from what we can see, the headlamps are more teardrop shaped, and there’s some resemblance to the eyes of the new Z car, or even the Porsche Cayman if you zoom out.

Elsewhere, there’s the above-mentioned vent between the front wheels and doors, while the tail lamps are much sharper than the ZN6’s silver lumps. They dig deep into the sides as well. There’s also a bit of a ducktail for the bootlid, which means one can get away without an additional spoiler, unlike today’s car, which looks rather incomplete without a wing. Overall, from what we can see so far, the new BRZ looks sharper and sportier.

The new 86/BRZ should continue with a naturally-aspirated boxer engine by Subaru, and some fans at Subiefest believe it to be a 2.4 litre flat-four with 217 hp (220 PS) and 240 Nm. If so, that will be an increase of 400 cc, 12 hp and 28 Nm over today’s car – are you happy with that? The six-speed manual option should remain as well, as it will be suicide to not offer a stick on this fan favourite.

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