Toyota and Subaru have announced an event for April 5, 2021, which will see the release of a jointly-developed vehicle. For now, both companies are not providing any details as to what the model might be, but the speakers that will be present suggest something sporty.

The panel includes Koji Sato, who is the president of the Gazoo Racing Company (the performance and motorsport arm of Toyota), while Subaru’s representative is its CTO and director of research, Tetsuro Fujinuki.

The long-term partnership between both companies has seen contract production of Toyota vehicles by Subaru and the supply of vehicles to Subaru by Toyota, as well as joint development of the original 86 and BRZ.

More recently, both parties agreed on a new capital alliance that resulted in the acquisition of shares in each other’s company. The renewed deal also included a commitment to developing a next-generation BRZ and 86, although the latter has yet to be revealed.

Therefore, it’s likely the April 5 event is when we’ll see Toyota’s take on a new, co-developed, rear-wheel drive sports car, reportedly called the GR 86. Toyota’s version is said to be even more differentiated from the latest BRZ, so as not to be a repeat of the first Toyobaru duo.

The companies are also collaborating on a platform dedicated to battery electric vehicles, which can cover C- and D-segment sedans as well as SUVs. Other reported (but unconfirmed) projects include new all-wheel drive hot hatches, which are significantly different from the homologation GR Yaris that is currently on sale.

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