FMCO: Police remind public of two-to-a-car rule – three allowed for reasons of medical care and emergencies

Into the second day of the nationwide lockdown from June 1 to 14, the police has reminded the public – via an infographic – of the vehicle capacity restrictions that are in place during the full movement control order (FMCO) period, where only two people per household will be allowed to go out in a car to buy food, medicine and essentials.

An allowance will be given for a maximum of three people to travel in a vehicle for the purpose of seeking medical care or emergency medical services, including the person needing that medical attention, within a 10 km radius from the point of residence.

The travel for essentials is also restricted to a 10 km radius from the location of one’s residence, the movement limit similar to that implemented in the first MCO last year. For taxis and ride-hailing services, the number of people in a car is also limited to two, including the driver, and the passenger must sit in the rear, so do remember to observe the necessary.

Those travelling to work will of course need proper documentation and authorisation letters in case they are asked to show proof to authorities, and as it was last year, those who need to drive out to purchase essentials during the FMCO would do well to keep a copy of an utility bill as proof of current residence and to establish compliance.

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