The Toyota GR Supra is the latest vehicle to receive a life-sized replica build entirely out of Lego, which will be put on display at Legoland Japan until October 11, before heading out to various Super GT race events.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Supra nameplate, and the Lego GR Supra is just one of the ways the company is celebrating the occasion. Just a few days ago, the automaker revealed a special edition model for the Japanese market, and earlier this year, it teamed up with Lego to create a Speed Champions set.

Like the Lego Bugatti Chiron that debuted in 2018, the Lego GR Supra is an impressive feat of construction, requiring a total of 477,303 pieces and 2,400 hours to build, the latter about 120 times more than the time it takes to build the real car. However, Toyota noted that the development period of the life-sized replica took 3,000 hours, which is considerably less than the eight years it took to develop the actual GR Supra.

The end result certainly looks great, with almost all of the GR Supra’s details recreated with Lego parts. In terms of dimensions, the Lego version measures 435 cm long, 204 cm wide and 129 cm tall, making it 17.5 cm wider and three cm shorter than the production car. It also weighs more at 1,885 kg compared to 1,640 kg.

You’ll also notice that while most of the car is made of plastic, certain things like the driver’s seat, alloy wheels and steering wheel are taken from the road-going GR Supra. Even more impressive is the fact that the Lego GR Supra is driveable, with an electric motor allowing it to get up to 28 km/h. It’s certainly not as fast the real deal that gets up to 250 km/h, but Toyota promises “endless fun time” in both cars.