There are many things in life that don’t have to be spelled out. Some things you say or do out of courtesy, and other times you figure things out using common sense. The latter can be frustratingly absent for Malaysian road users (regardless of status, as perfectly exemplified by some “VIPs”), such as the driver of this black Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Based on a viral video posted on social media, it was clear the driver’s motive for using the emergency lane was to avoid traffic congestion. This incident took place near Yong Peng, Johor, at approximately KM 124.9 on the North-South Expressway (PLUS).

Now, the vehicle with the dashcam recorder did attempt to obstruct the path of the Mercedes, but this outraged the Mercedes driver, who promptly wound down his window and gestured somewhat peculiarly. Of course, he proceeded to continue driving on the emergency lane.

The video caught the attention of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM Batu Pahat), which has since issued a statement on its Facebook page. It is investigating the case for two possible offences – driving on the emergency lane, as well as reckless driving and endangering other road users. It will be filed under Section 42 (1) APJ 1987 and Rule 53A LN 166/59.

PDRM is also urging other motorists with similar recordings of the incident to come forward to assist in its investigations. The incident occurred on April 23 at roughly 3.50 pm.

By the way, the cops will be on the lookout for motorists with arrest warrants and outstanding summonses during the peak Hari Raya travel period. So, if you have a long list of outstanding saman, it’s better to pay up and balik kampung with a clean slate. Otherwise, you run the risk of being pulled over. Also, don’t misuse the emergency lane!