2023 Mercedes-Benz A-Class facelift – W177 and V177 gain mild hybrid system, visual tweaks, latest MBUX

2023 Mercedes-Benz A-Class facelift – W177 and V177 gain mild hybrid system, visual tweaks, latest MBUX

The fourth-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been given a facelift, with changes to both the hatchback and sedan body styles that will continue to be offered. In addition to the regular variants, the German carmaker also revealed updated AMG options for those who want more performance.

The styling revisions are modest and include new headlamps (with optional LEDS) that have been slightly reshaped and feature a new LED daytime running light signature. The latter is now a single bar of light at the top of each cluster instead of an L-shaped design on the previous car.

Elsewhere, the bumper gets a different lower intake opening, while the main grille has been resized but remains hexagonal in shape. Without the AMG package, the standard look features small faux side intakes at the corners of the bumper and the single slat running through a Mercedes-Benz logo sits atop a black grille insert.

With the AMG package, the bumper sports a more expressive “A-wing profile,” larger faux side intakes and the grille insert is festooned with tiny three-pointed stars. The aggressive theme that you get with the AMG package applies to the rear bumper too, which has faux corner outlets and a diffuser element sandwiched between the chrome exhaust finishers – the standard look has a more reserved design.

While we are at the rear, both the hatchback and sedan retain the shape of their taillight clusters, although the lighting signature has been tweaked for the facelift. It should be noted that regardless of the styling package chosen, the A-Class’ forward-sloping bonnet now comes with two power bulges to give it more visual presence.

Inside, you’ll find a dashboard layout that is pretty much identical to the pre-facelift model. If you’re good at the game of spotting the difference, you’ll notice the touchpad linked to the infotainment system has vacated the centre console. In its place is a shallow storage cubby, buttons to access the Dynamic Select and parking assistance systems, a volume dial and a new fingerprint sensor.

The last item is expected to be available from the first quarter of next year and allows for quick biometric authentication of the driver, likely to simplify the process of setting the car (seat position, climate settings, etc.) up how a user might prefer.

As before, dual screens dominate the dashboard and they come in two configurations, with the base option consisting of a seven-inch digital instrument cluster and a 10.25-inch central touchscreen, while the upgraded option includes dual 10.25-inch displays instead.

2023 Mercedes-Benz A-Class facelift – W177 and V177 gain mild hybrid system, visual tweaks, latest MBUX

These screens are now powered by the latest version of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), which delivers a range of connected services, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support as well as selectable display styles. There’s also an additional USB-C port for further connectivity and the USB charging capacity has been increased.

Without the touchpad, users have one less way to interface with the MBUX system and will have to either use the touchscreen, the controls on the new steering wheel or engage with the intelligent voice assistant.

Mercedes-Benz also highlights updates to safety assistance systems. With the optional Driver Assistance Package, Lane Keeping Assist is improved with the support of Active Steering Control. The Parking Package also now supports longitudinal parking and offers, among other things, a 360-degree camera with 3D images.

As for powertrains, all petrol engines now come with a 48-volt mild hybrid system that integrates a belt-driven starter-generator (RSG), providing up to 14 PS (13 hp or 10 kW) of assistance when setting off or to enable improved coasting.

2023 Mercedes-Benz A-Class facelift – W177 and V177 gain mild hybrid system, visual tweaks, latest MBUX

The petrol line-up consists of four options, including the A180 that features a M282 1.3 litre turbocharged four-cylinder with 136 PS (134 hp) and 230 Nm of torque. This is followed by the A200 that uses the same M282 but delivers 163 PS (161 hp) and 270 Nm.

Up next are two all-wheel drive variants powered by a M260 2.0 litre turbocharged four-cylinder, starting with the A220 4Matic that packs 190 PS (188 hp) and 300 Nm, while the A250 4Matic has 224 PS (221 hp) and 350 Nm.

The carmaker also offers three diesel options with an OM664 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbodiesel, namely the A180d with 116 PS (114 hp) and 280 Nm, A200d with 150 PS (148 hp) and 320 Nm and the A220d with 190 PS (188 hp) and 400 Nm.

2023 Mercedes-Benz A-Class facelift – W177 and V177 gain mild hybrid system, visual tweaks, latest MBUX

Joining the petrol and diesel engines is a plug-in hybrid dubbed the A250e which has been upgraded. The setup continues to employ a M282 engine with the same outputs as the A200, but the electric motor integrated into the eight-speed 8G-DCT dual-clutch transmission now delivers more power at 109 PS (107 hp or 80 kW) and 300 Nm, which is 7 PS (7 hp or 5 kW) more than before. Even so, the total system output remains the same at 218 PS (215 hp) and 450 Nm.

The electric motor draws power from a lithium-ion battery with an unchanged gross energy capacity of 15.6 kWh, although Mercedes-Benz claims a “higher usable energy content” for an improved WLTP-rated of 70-81 km for the hatchback and 72-82 km for sedan – it was previously 56-69 km.

Charging also gets an upgrade on the A250e, with an 11-kW onboard AC charger (Type 2 connection) used instead of only a 7.4-kW unit as before. There’s also an option for a 22-kW AC charger. The carmaker didn’t provide detailed AC charging times but did say that DC fast charging (CCS2 connection) continues to be supported, with a 10-80% state of charge achieved in around 25 minutes at 24 kW.

2023 Mercedes-Benz A-Class facelift – W177 and V177 gain mild hybrid system, visual tweaks, latest MBUX

All powertrains are available for both body styles, with the petrol and diesel options paired with eighter a seven- or eight-speed automatic as standard. Here’s a rundown of performance figures:

  • A180 – 0-100 km/h in 9.2 seconds (9.3 seconds sedan); 215 km/h top speed (216 km/h sedan)
  • A200 – 0-100 km/h in 8.2 seconds (8.3 seconds sedan); 225 km/h top speed (230 km/h sedan)
  • A220 4Matic – 0-100 km/h in 7.1 seconds (7.2 seconds sedan); 235 km/h top speed (237 km/h sedan)
  • A250 4Matic – 0-100 km/h in 6.3 seconds (6.4 seconds sedan); 250 km/h top speed
  • A180d – 0-100 km/h in 9.7 seconds (9.9 seconds sedan); 202 km/h top speed (206 km/h sedan)
  • A200d – 0-100 km/h in 8.3 seconds (8.4 seconds sedan); 220 km/h top speed (227 km/h sedan)
  • A220d – 0-100 km/h in 7.2 seconds (7.3 seconds sedan); 235 km/h top speed (246 km/h sedan)
  • A250e – 0-100 km/h in 7.4 seconds (7.5 seconds sedan); 225 km/h top speed (230 km/h sedan)

The pre-facelift A-Class is primarily offered as a sedan in Malaysia, with three variants available: A200 Progressive Line, A250 AMG Line and the AMG A35 4Matic, all of which are locally assembled (CKD). The only way to get a hatchback is to step up to the fully-imported (CBU) AMG A45S 4Matic+, or if you want a regular variant, by indent order.

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