Shell Malaysia has launched its range of carbon-neutral fully synthetic engine oils today, which is comprised of the Shell Helix Power and Protect range of engine lubricants for petrol and diesel-powered passenger vehicles.

Applicable for petrol and diesel-fuelled engines, the Shell Helix Power and Protect range of engine oils now gains the Helix Power 5W-40 version that retails for RM280 for a four-litre pack in Peninsular Malaysia and RM280.80 in East Malaysia, which joins the Helix Power 0W-40 and Helix Protect 0W-30, which were launched in Malaysia in their previous guise in July 2020.

According to Shell, these engine oils are the world’s first carbon-neutral engine lubricants made from 99.5% pure base oil that is made from natural gas. This is indicated on the oil packs by the green ‘Carbon Neutral’ label below the ‘Power’ or ‘Protect’ designations.

The Helix Power fully synthetic lubricant in the new 5W-40 viscosity is suitable for a wide range of petrol and diesel-powered passenger vehicles without diesel particulate filters, and this engine oil joins the Power 0W-40 and Protect 0W-30 grades in being made from natural gas.

“Shell Malaysia is pleased to be able to provide a variety of low-carbon energy solutions to our customers, from electric vehicle charging and biofuels to now carbon neutral lubricants. Increasingly, we will work on nature-based solutions to deliver high-quality carbon credits which can be used to compensate the emissions generated when a customer purchases and uses a Shell product,” said Shell Malaysia chairman Datuk Ivan Tan.