2022 was a bumper year for Perodua that saw many internal records tumble. With 282,019 units registered, the market leader didn’t just sprint past its 2022 sales target of 247,800 units (30.2% higher than 2021 sales), but also its all-time sales record of 240,341 units, achieved in 2019.

Turns out that there’s another record that wasn’t explicitly mentioned, perhaps because it pales in comparison to the grand total. Perodua president and CEO Datuk Seri Zainal Abidin Ahmad revealed that the company had a hectic final month of the year, which saw an average of 1,000 vehicles made and registered per day.

That sounds like some feat, so we checked. P2’s previous monthly sales record happened just one month back – in November 2022, the company sold 28,592 units. Take the 2022 grand total and minus the year-to-date November 2022 figure of 250,795 and you’ll get the December 2022 sales total of 31,224 units, a new monthly record and one that translates to 1,000 units per day.

The final push is impressive, and surprisingly unrelenting for a company that essentially has no rivals in Malaysia. Just picture this – the market leader breached both its sales target and all-time annual sales record in 11 months, the race was already won, and then it goes on to break its monthly sales record in that ‘spare’ month instead of celebrating and taking the foot off the gas.

Mentality monsters, as a certain football manager might say.