Real Madrid players get new BMW official cars – see what Jude Bellingham, Vini Jr, Modric, Ancelotti chose

Real Madrid players get new BMW official cars – see what Jude Bellingham, Vini Jr, Modric, Ancelotti chose

Football players kicking balls for the top teams earn obscene amounts of money. With six figure wages – in pounds and euros, per week – they can literally buy any car they want. And many of them do exactly that, collecting supercars and luxury SUVs like they’re going out of fashion.

But have you wondered what players drive as beater cars? You know, the ‘rough use’ car to go to the shops or to get groceries? My guess would be luxury SUVs like the Range Rover, unless the club is sponsored by a car company. If so, the players get a free car every year. We’ve seen players pick and pose with Audis in the past (Bayern Munich is now sponsored by Audi, which used to back Real Madrid) and here’s Real Madrid x BMW for season 2023-2024.

The German premium brand has just handed over a fleet of cars to the Real Madrid first team and here’s a gallery of the players and their picks. Anything they want, as long as it has a zero-emissions label. You’d take that to mean EV-only, but plug-in hybrids with substantial pure electric range are also included – that’s why you see a couple of XMs here.

The PHEVs with fifth-generation batteries are capable of travelling between 80 and 110 km in full electric mode on the WLTP cycle, and since all the players have access to chargers at home and at Real Madrid City, their daily commute will be emissions-free.

Speaking of the XM, the mega SUV’s 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine is paired with an electric motor for total output of 653 PS/800 Nm. That should ensure new star man Jude Bellingham is never late to training. Teammates Dani Carvajal, Dani Ceballos (remember him Gooners?), Thibaut Courtois (loanee Kepa also gets a car) and Rodrygo also chose the XM, but Vinicius Junior’s pick is a surprisingly modest one.

What did playmaker supreme Luka Modric and boss Carlo Ancelotti choose? Don Carlo would look perfect in an i7, but someone else made the audacious choice. Check out the full gallery below.

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