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  • SPYSHOTS: 2016 Honda Civic spotted on trailers in Malaysia; launches on June 9, in dealerships June 11

    2016 Honda Civic spotted trailer 2

    Honda Malaysia is well on track to introduce the tenth-generation 2016 Honda Civic in Malaysia after several units of the model was sighted being transported on trailers in Malaysia. Thanks to paultan.org readers Norazlan Kasim and Ken Lim for the images.

    Similar to our earlier sighting of the new Civic, the units riding on the trailer are a combination of the base 1.8L and Turbo variants. The Civic with the shuriken-style wheel design (seen on the Thailand-spec Civic 1.8 EL) and Modern Steel Metallic paintjob, is likely to be the 1.8L model. The up-close view also reveal door handles that match the body colour.

    As for the Turbo variants, there are 17-inch five-spoke, two-tone alloy wheels instead. Additionally, the door handles are now chromed to further distinguish itself from the base 1.8L. According to a local dealer, the Civic 1.5 Turbo range will include standard and Premium versions.

    However, as the images provided to us only show the cars’ rear, it’s hard to tell which of the two Turbo variants are being transported. The Civic 1.5 Premium will come equipped with full-LED headlights and LED fog lights at the front.

    Honda Malaysia has already started counting down the days to the arrival of the 2016 Honda Civic. On Sunday (June 5), the company uploaded a new cover photo for its official Facebook page, highlighting the car’s auto brake hold function, along with the caption, “the dream ride arrives in 4 days.”

    Previous cover photos include the car’s remote engine start function, 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo engine, walk-away auto lock and digital instrument panel. As you can tell, all the postings point towards a June 9 launch date, and we will be on hand to cover the debut of the popular C-segment car. The new Civic will be in Malaysian showrooms on June 11.

    Excited yet? Well, until the launch of the 2016 Honda Civic, why not check out our review of the tenth-gen model in Chiang Mai, Thailand. If you’re already convinced by the new Civic, bookings are already open.

    2016 Honda Civic Malaysian countdown

  • 2016 Honda Civic launches in Thailand on March 12

    The 2016 Honda Civic will be available in Thai showrooms on March 12, 2016. This was revealed when Honda Thailand posted an official video teaser of the tenth-generation C-segment sedan.

    In February, Thai journalists were given the chance to briefly have a go in the new Civic on a track. There, it was revealed that the Civic line-up for the Thai market would be offered with a 1.8 litre R18A SOHC i-VTEC or 1.5 litre turbocharged engine (on the range-topping RS).

    The non-turbocharged engine continues to deliver 141 PS and 174 Nm of torque, mated to a CVT gearbox that replaces the current car’s five-speed torque converter automatic. The more interesting turbo mill (L15B7) however, provides 173 hp at 5,500 rpm and 220 Nm of torque from 1,700 to 5,500 rpm, also paired to a CVT.

    The 15-second teaser does provide some information on what equipment will be loaded onto the Thai-spec Civic. Starting with the exterior, where bi-xenon headlamps with LED DRLs appear to be in place. In other markets, full LED headlights are available, but it remains to be seen if the Thais will get them.

    Moving on, the video also reveals that the Engine Remote Start feature – first introduced onto the Thai market on the Accord facelift – will be available to the driver, activated via the Civic’s key fob. Upon entering the vehicle, a large TFT colour display, flanked by traditional gauges make up the instrument cluster. The TFT unit not only functions as a speedometer, but displays other functions like media playback as well.

    We’ll have to wait till the official launch of the all-new Honda Civic in Thailand before we can get any more details pertaining to the car’s final specifications and equipment list. With the Civic making its imminent debut in Thailand, Malaysia shouldn’t be too far behind. In any case, what equipment or features would you want most when the 2016 Honda Civic debuts in Malaysia?

    GALLERY: 2016 Honda Civic RS for Thai market

    GALLERY: 2016 Honda Civic (US-spec)

  • 2016 Honda Civic revealed ahead of Sept 16 debut?


    The 2016 Honda Civic is due to be unveiled on September 16 in Los Angeles but it looks like we get to see the car fully undisguised before then thanks to these photos which were uploaded to the CivicX.com forums earlier today.

    The American spec sedan you see here certainly matches what was seen before in the patent drawings. The roofline has taken on a very ‘Audi A5 Sportback’ shape to it. It’s almost like a hatchback. The sleek roof ends with boomerang-shaped tail lamps.

    The Civic sedan will spawn coupe and hatchback siblings as well. Yes, for the first time the Civic hatchback will not be a separate model built on a separate chassis but will instead be built from a single global model.

    This will also be the first regular Civic (yes, there’s the new turbo Type R) to come with a turbocharged engine. There’s a chance the new Civic will be offered with a choice of two engines – a 2.0 litre naturally-aspirated VTEC and the new 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo. The latter makes 150 PS and 203 Nm in the Honda StepWGN and Jade RS models that it is currently offered in.

    As for the interior, we’ve already caught glimpses of the new Civic’s interior thanks to spy photos. The new Civic will ditch the futuristic dual-tier instrument cluster of previous two generations for a more conventional dashboard design.

    What do you think of how the new Honda Civic is shaping up to be so far?

  • SPYSHOTS: Another Honda Civic Type R in the works?


    Honda is testing a performance model in southern Europe now, but what exactly is this machine? The fact that it’s a performance model is undoubted – huge 20-inch wheels with rubber band tyres, Brembo brakes, flared wheel arches, triple pipes and a lurking intercooler shout hot hatch – but didn’t Honda just launch a Civic Type R earlier this year?

    No one knows for sure, but this could well be an early mule for the next Civic Type R. The body resembles the Acura ILX, but with a truncated rear end. It wears full camo, but we can see that the tail lamps are joined by an arc on the boot lid, just like on today’s Euro Civic.

    It’s known that Honda is readying a next-gen Civic, the tenth generation to bear the household name. The famously green coupe previewed the upcoming C-segment car in April this year, and we have spotted a long-tailed sedan (to be unveiled later this month in the US) on test before. Now this, a five-door fastback with sporty bits.

    Tenth-gen Civic will be a global model. Sedan (right) will debut this month in the US, according to reports

    Word is that the next-gen Civic will be a global car, unifying the North American (and ASEAN) line with the European line, and all bodystyles will sit on a new global platform.

    Our current ninth-gen Civic FB first surfaced in the US in April 2011, while the Euro Civic hatchback came out later in the same year, in September. So, the hot hatch of the moment is actually based on a four-year old car, and its delayed debut is what makes this “next Civic Type R” look a little premature.

    In any case, replacing today’s CTR will be a monumental task. The OTT hatch with the wings and scoops is powered by a 2.0 litre VTEC turbo engine with 310 PS and 400 Nm of torque. A six-speed manual gearbox channels drive to the front wheels. 0-100 km/h takes only 5.7 seconds and top speed is quoted at 269 km/h.

    2015 Honda Civic Type R

    2015 Honda Civic Type R at Geneva

  • 2016 Honda Civic sedan to be unveiled September 16


    Fans of the Honda Civic, take note – the tenth-generation 2016 model of Honda’s segment-defining family car will be unveiled on September 16 at simultaneous events in Los Angeles and Detroit. However, while the exterior and interior of the sedan variant will be completely revealed, most details regarding what’s under the all-new skin will still be kept under wraps, according to Automotive News.

    Other bodystyles such as the hatchback, coupé and Tourer wagon versions, as well as performance variants like the Si and Type R won’t be revealed for months. Honda also won’t divulge power, torque or fuel consumption figures of the new engine lineup, headlined by the new 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo mill – those will only be announced sometime in October before the new Civic goes on sale later in the autumn.

    Patent images and spyshots have indicated that the 2016 model will stay fairly true to the wild Civic Concept introduced in New York earlier this year, with a single-graphic front end incorporating optional LED headlights, outlandish C-shaped tail lights that encroach into the bootlid and a low-slung fastback-like profile compared to the rather staidly-styled current car.

    Inside, the new Civic looks to ditch the futuristic dual-tier instrument cluster of previous generations – going for a more conventional City-like dashboard – while safety-wise, Honda’s LaneWatch blind spot camera and the Honda Sensing suite of active safety systems look to be incorporated. Under the bonnet, a 2.0 litre naturally-aspirated engine will also be offered, alongside the aforementioned VTEC Turbo.

  • 2016 Honda Civic – a choice of 2.0 NA and 1.5 turbo?


    Fresh rumours regarding the 2016 Honda Civic have surfaced. According to a Temple of VTEC USA report, the next-generation Civic sedan will be offered with a choice of two engines: a 2.0 litre naturally-aspirated VTEC and a new 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo.

    The report suggests that the 2.0 NA engine will be marketed as the base motor, only available with the lesser trim lines. The 1.5T, meanwhile, is said to be positioned slightly higher, and can be had with more premium equipment packs.

    Transmission wise, both engines can be paired with either a six-speed manual ‘box or a CVT. The six-speeder, though, is tied only to each engine’s base trim, if the report is to be believed, whereas the CVT is to be available across the entire range.

    Nothing on power outputs yet, but as a reference, Honda’s 2.0 litre VTEC engine makes 155 PS and 190 Nm in our current-generation Civic, while the 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo unit fitted on the StepWGN and Jade RS offers 150 PS and 203 Nm. Whether these figures will be kept the same on the Civic remains to be seen.

    It has to be mentioned, though, that the report refers to the US-market line-up, where the Civic Sedan is currently offered with a 143 hp/175 Nm 1.8 litre VTEC engine as standard. There’s also a 205 hp/237 Nm 2.4 litre VTEC option in the semi-hot Civic Si variant.

    So far, it looks like the two new engine options (2.0 NA and 1.5T) will take the place of the standard Civic line-up. A replacement for the Civic Si should appear later on.

    How the Malaysian-market 2016 Honda Civic will shape up is yet unknown. But given a choice, which one would you prefer – 2.0 litre naturally-aspirated VTEC or 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo?

  • SPYSHOTS: Next-gen Honda Civic captured in detail!


    Get hyped, everyone! The latest batch of spyshots of the next-generation Honda Civic has landed on our desks and this time, it looks to be one heck of a detailed set. While the entire car appears to be wearing a load of camouflage still, our photographers have managed to capture the details on the new Civic thanks to the presence of a pair of parked prototypes.

    While several body styles have been mooted for the tenth-generation Civic, the pair caught on camera today are of the sedan variety so we’ll focus on that instead. Beginning at the front, one can see that the all-new Honda Civic will adopt a more aggressive outlook, reminiscent of the face first seen on the Honda Civic Concept. Also, LED headlights will be available on higher-end models as proven by one of the two mules.

    Elsewhere on the outside, one will be able to spot a small camera, mounted at the very tip of the front passenger side mirror. As such, the next-generation Honda Civic will feature Honda’s LaneWatch blind spot safety feature as the driver will be able to activate the camera via a small switch located on the left-hand stalk. We’ll get to the interior in a bit.

    In profile, one should be able to notice that the duo were captured with different sets of wheels and tyres. This would indicate a higher-end trim plus a more affordable, basic variant. The cheaper model gets 16-inch wheels with spiral motifs wrapped in 215/55 Hankook tyres while the more upmarket version receives 17-inch units with twin, five-spoke designs, wrapped in 215/50 Firestone rubber.

    Aside from that, the new Honda Civic appears to have adopted a fastback-like roofline for a more streamlined silhouette. At the rear, not much can be gathered as copious amounts of camouflage were still in the way. What we can see, however, are the stylised arrangement of the rear lamp assemblies that should cut deep into the boot assembly, a cue echoed on the Civic show car.

    Also, the pair appear to have been equipped with contrasting exhaust systems – one unit with a single outlet while the other possesses a twin outlet arrangement. Perhaps the twin outlet model is equipped with Honda’s sportier, all-new turbocharged 1.5 litre VTEC engine – figures rumoured to be as high as 201 hp/260 Nm – while the entry-level model gets powered by the same 1.8 litre mill with 139 hp/174 Nm.


    The next-generation Honda Civic is expected to be offered with a choice of either a CVT or an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission – the base model will likely be sold with a manual transmission. Speaking of the different trims, it should be noted that the prototype with LED headlights is also equipped with an interior trimmed in leather and heated rear seats.

    Which brings us to the interior, which is touted to be just as revolutionary. While the dash remains covered in this batch (it’s uncovered here), we can deduce that the two-tiered centre stack seen in the current Civic will seize to feature. The instrument cluster itself is now shielded under a single, sculpted hood for a cleaner layout while the parking brake lever has disappeared altogether, replaced by an electronic unit.

    Honda’s renowned skills in packaging are also evident in the way the centre stack flows to reveal two large storage bins fore and aft of the gear shifter. Also, the fabric-covered centre arm rest appears to be hiding even more storage space beneath it. A multifunction steering wheel is captured here but expect the full array of buttons to be present only on the top-spec model.

    Throughout the cabin, it is clear that the new Civic is aiming higher than ever with higher-quality materials such as leather employed liberally. An added sporting touch is added via the inclusion of sewn-in “carbon-fibre” strips. Rear occupants will be delighted to know that legroom has been increased while buttons to control the climate system are to be found just below the front arm rest.

    With all that has been mentioned, it certainly looks like the all-new, tenth-generation Honda Civic will be ready to take on the opposition when it receives its global debut in the near future. What do you think? Does the new Civic have what it takes to outgun the rest of the pack?

  • SPYSHOTS: 2016 Honda Civic sedan caught in the US!


    More spyshots of the upcoming 2016 Honda Civic sedan have surfaced on the Internet! Sourced from the CivicX forums, these photos were snapped at a petrol station in Texas and give us a slightly better look at what we should expect from the tenth-generation model.

    The mule in question matches up to the patent images that we’ve seen before – there’s the mask-like front end, strong front haunches, sloping fastback-like roofline and C-shaped tail lights (we expect those to encroach into the bootlid). Interestingly, the prototype appears to be wearing LED headlights as seen on the concept; as our top-spec Toyota Corolla Altis already has LED items, could our Civic follow suit?


    There was also a current-model Civic next to it, providing a great opportunity to compare the two directly; the new car certainly looks larger, more distinctive and more sophisticated than its predecessor. That’s great news, particularly as the ninth-gen Civic did not exactly have the strongest of starts – complaints in the US forced Honda to make quite deep-set changes only one and a half years into production.

    Aside from the exterior of the car, we’ve also seen the interior in previous spyshots – from the looks of it, the Civic will ditch the futuristic tiered dashboard used since the eighth-generation FD for a more conventional design that takes more than a few cues from the City. So, what do you think – does Honda look to have a winner with the new Civic?

    Honda Civic Concept in New York

  • 2016 Honda Civic – next-gen’s dashboard revealed

    2016 Honda Civic dash patent-03

    We’ve seen spyshots of it before; now here are patent filings that confirm the 2016 Honda Civic’s dashboard design. Patent drawings of the next-gen Civic’s exterior surfaced in April.

    It shows the main dashboard mould without the steering, instrument panel, centre console and gear lever fitted; and what we see is consistent with the spyshots.

    Out is the current double-tier design that made its debut with the FD Civic, and in its place is a more conventional layout. The dash top is high – the air con vents are on the same level as the top of the instrument panel, and there are similarities with the City’s dash layout, although it’s less cliff-faced.

    Click to enlarge

    No room for a hand brake, but an electronic parking brake will sit next to the gear lever, along with Honda’s ECON button. The hole between the steering column and the centre console is for the push start button. We also see what looks like a lidded cupholder below the driver’s side AC vent.

    Check out the pics below for a clear look at the radio, auto air con panel and gear lever area, as well as the steering and its buttons. Do you prefer this new design or the current template?

    2016 Honda Civic exterior patent designs

    Honda Civic Concept from 2015 NYIAS

  • Next-gen Honda Civic set for Australian debut in 2016

    Civic Concept

    The next-generation Honda Civic is all set to make its debut in Australia next year, according to Aussie automotive portal, CarAdvice. Aside from the sedan body style, expect the hatch variant to make an appearance as well – the latter will be made in the UK but reports indicate that Thai assembly is probable.

    Additionally, higher-end models of the Aussie-market Civic are expected to feature the new turbocharged, 1.5 litre VTEC engine from the marque’s Earth Dreams Technology umbrella – power figures are rumoured to be as high as 201 hp and 260 Nm of torque. Entry-level models are expected to soldier on with the same 1.8 litre mill pumping out 139 hp/174 Nm.

    Transmission options for the Civic will likely include a CVT or an eight-speed dual-clutch DCT – a six-speed manual has been touted but is unlikely to be available for the Aussie market since reports have omitted said gearbox. Also to miss the boat to Australia will be the Honda Civic Coupe.

    Civic Concept

    “I certainly think [the goal] in the next generation is to have a really competitive hatch and sedan at the same time,” said Stephen Collins, director of Honda Australia. The tenth-generation is touted to resemble the Honda Civic Concept that made its debut in New York by quite a fair bit.

    On the notion of the aforementioned Thai-assembled Civic models, the Australian portal has stated that both the sedan and hatch models could potentially be sourced from the Land of Smiles. This is to allow for a lower price tag – the current UK-made hatch is known to be rather pricey in the Aussie market.

    GALLERY: Honda Civic Concept in New York

    GALLERY: Next-generation Honda Civic spyshots

    GALLERY: Next-generation Honda Civic patent images


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