The 2016 Honda Civic is due to be unveiled on September 16 in Los Angeles but it looks like we get to see the car fully undisguised before then thanks to these photos which were uploaded to the forums earlier today.

The American spec sedan you see here certainly matches what was seen before in the patent drawings. The roofline has taken on a very ‘Audi A5 Sportback’ shape to it. It’s almost like a hatchback. The sleek roof ends with boomerang-shaped tail lamps.

The Civic sedan will spawn coupe and hatchback siblings as well. Yes, for the first time the Civic hatchback will not be a separate model built on a separate chassis but will instead be built from a single global model.

This will also be the first regular Civic (yes, there’s the new turbo Type R) to come with a turbocharged engine. There’s a chance the new Civic will be offered with a choice of two engines – a 2.0 litre naturally-aspirated VTEC and the new 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo. The latter makes 150 PS and 203 Nm in the Honda StepWGN and Jade RS models that it is currently offered in.

As for the interior, we’ve already caught glimpses of the new Civic’s interior thanks to spy photos. The new Civic will ditch the futuristic dual-tier instrument cluster of previous two generations for a more conventional dashboard design.

What do you think of how the new Honda Civic is shaping up to be so far?