• Visionary Vehicles to sell China-made hybrid

    Here’s Malcolm Bricklin’s new plans for his Visionary Vehicles brand. Hybrid cars, made in China for real cheap. Bricklin’s previous plans with Chery to bring in Chery vehicles into the US under the Visionary Vehicles […]


  • China automotive industry growing too fast

    China, the world’s 2nd largest auto market had grown 25% since last year, reaching 6.45 million vehicles in the first 11 months of 2006. With such a huge market to tap, it is obvious that […]


  • Chery recalls 1,875 Chery T11 Tiggo SUVs

    Chery Automobile Co. Ltd has shown signs of being a responsible car manufacturer that intends to stick around, rather than taking the “make fast profits and ignore issues like brand building and after sales support” […]


  • No more Chery Visionary Vehicles for the US?

    Malcolm Bricklin, who wanted to bring in Chery vehicles into the USA via his company Visionary Vehicles has abandoned his plan, some say because of the news of Daimler Chrysler talking to Chery to produce […]


  • Volkswagen Neeza Concept

    Volkswagen’s Neeza concept car is a concept car for the Chinese market – looking somewhat like a coupe and station wagon crossover, it was designed with the tastes of Chinese customers in mind. At first […]


  • Volkswagen Magotan for China

    Another car manufacturer has developed a model specially for the Chinese market. Introducing the Volkswagen Magotan. Despite sounding like a strange hybrid fusion between a Mango and a Rambutan, Volkswagen’s joint venture in China – […]


  • Daihatsu D-01 Concept – China’s Avanza

    The Toyota-Daihatsu siblings take economies of scale to a whole new level unheard of with the introduction of the Daihatsu D-01 Concept recently at the Auto China 2006 motor show. While Toyota calls it a […]


  • Lotus gets Jinhua Youngman engineering deal

    The feasibility study between Lotus Engineering Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Youngman Automobile Group Co Ltd (Jinhua Youngman) recently concluded with positive results, and Lotus has managed to secure the deal to assist Jinhua Youngman produce […]


  • Fiat to use Chery’s AVL-designed ACTECO engines

    Fiat and Chery have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will result in Fiat using Chery’s ACTECO family of engines in it’s China-produced cars, with a possibility of the ACTECO engines finding it’s way in […]



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