• Chery A6CC Concept

    The Chery A6CC Concept is a sports coupe designed by Bertone, and is supposed to feature an ACTECO 3.0 litre V6 engine under the hood. The other engine variant would be a turbocharged 2.0 litre, […]


  • Roewe W2 Concept

    Roewe is basically what Rover has become after SAIC took over, and the models currently on sale are basically rehashed versions of the 75 and TF, but this might indicate Roewe’s new design direction. This […]


  • Chery Tiggo6

    Just like the Chery QQ’s evolution is theChery QQ6, Chery has redone their Chery Tiggo and updated it as the Chery Tiggo6. It looks more modern than the Chery Tiggo that has just reached our […]


  • FAW Haima H12 Electric Vehicle

    This is the First Automobile Works Haima H12 EV, an electric vehicle that looks suspiciously like the Mazda3 Sedan. It was shown at the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show, but no specs can be found anywhere […]


  • Chery Windcloud vs Ferrari F430

    For a 1.6 litre Chinese-made sedan to keep up with a Ferrari F430 on the track could only mean there is some huge difference between driving ability of the two drivers biased to the driver […]


  • Chery T11 Tiggo for RM80,292

    The Chery T11 Tiggo is now available in Malaysia for a sum of RM80,292. While it looks much like a combination of the second generation Toyota RAV4 rear and the 2nd gen Honda CR-V and […]


  • Modern Gentleman production begins

    The first new “Modern Gentleman” cars have rolled off Nanjing’s assembly line in Nanjing, from a factory that Nanjing managed to piece together using the robots and assembly lines they bought from Rover. The first […]


  • China rips off smart fortwo

    Remember my China Pirates post? Those amazing engineers from China have done it again, this time with a clone of the smart fortwo, not so much of an complete engineering clone with matching doors but […]


  • Proton and Chery CKD operations to begin mid-2007

    Tan Sri Cam Soh, group executive chairman of Chery’s local partner Alado Corporation Sdn Bhd says Proton and Chery are expected to start their CKD program by mid-2007. The CKD program will involve Proton assembling […]


  • Visionary Vehicles to sell China-made hybrid

    Here’s Malcolm Bricklin’s new plans for his Visionary Vehicles brand. Hybrid cars, made in China for real cheap. Bricklin’s previous plans with Chery to bring in Chery vehicles into the US under the Visionary Vehicles […]



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