• BYD Auto F3

    It’s amazing what mainland China can come up with these days. Have a look at this sedan – the BYD Auto F3. It’s a B-class sedan weighing about 1200kg.


  • Jiangling Landwind X6 Crash Test by TUV

    This is TUV’s crash test video of the Jiangling Landwind X6. Bear in mind this is after Jiangling had made some adjustments to the SUV, and this test was conducted at a lower speed of […]


  • Jiangling Landwind X6 Crash Test – Outside View

    Jiangling Motors Corporations Landwind X6 four wheel drive crash test video as recorded by Germany’s ADAC which conducts tests for Euro NCAP safety standards. This video was recorded from a side profile view of the […]


  • Visionary Vehicles to bring Chery to USA

    I previously blogged about China Pirates, where Chinese automobile makers were ripping off Japanese and other automobile manufacturers blatantly. Inside China they are virtually invulnerable. They rip off without a second thought, with the worst […]


  • Dadi SUV and Pick-ups in Malaysia

    LM Star Autoworld will be manufacturing a Chinese brand called Dadi here in Malaysia. There will be three models distributed here in Malaysia. Two SUVs which are the Dadi Shuttle and Dadi Tourer, and a […]


  • Hafei Lobo 1.1

    There are rumours going around that the Hafei Lobo will be coming to Malaysia soon.


  • China Pirates

    If you think Malaysia’s state of piracy is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. China is where Uncle Ho got his MBA in Piracy. They can pirate anything and nothing’s stopped them for doing it. […]



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