• Scion iM Concept – Euro Auris heading Stateside?

    Toyota’s American sub-brand Scion is bringing the Scion iM Concept car to the Los Angeles Auto Show next week. Described as a “five-door compact hatchback with sporty looks inspired by those seen on the European […]


  • 2011 Scion tC coupe – a rare sporty dish from Toyota

    Scion, Toyota youthful North American sub-brand, has introduced the second-generation Scion tC sports coupe. The new car is powered by a new 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine with Dual VVT-i, roller rocker arms and a Variable-induction Intake […]


  • Scion might develop Scion xP pick-up

    Toyota is considering adding a small monocoque two-door pick-up truck (think Proton Arena) to the Scion car line-up, which should fit right in to the whole youth and lifestyle angle of the Scion marque. Rumours […]


  • Pimped out Scion xD Concept

    Toyota has always said that Scion cars are for the youth, and the youth generally like modifying their cars. So Scion’s designs have always been designed to be very modder friendly, like a piece of […]


  • Scion xD: 5-door urban subcompact

    Tbe Scion xD is the latest addition to Toyota’s Scion marque in the US, aimed at the younger crowd. The Scion xD replaces the Scion xA in the Scion line-up, and just like it’s namesake […]



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