No car is truly safe from the hungry predators out there called tuners! Even “pure and innocent” cars like the Toyota Prius aren’t spared from their dirty thoughts and grubby hands – here’s what Japan’s Wald International did to the world’s most famous hybrid.

After a previous effort called the Exclusive Line, Wald has released the first images of its Sports Line job that will be available in the market soon. Their mean looking third-gen Prius comes with a new front bumper, side skirts, a rear apron that integrates a diffuser and Lexus style exhaust tips finished in chrome, and aero covers for the side windows. The exterior parts are shaped from fibre reinforced plastic.

And to give it a stance to match the kit, Wald slammed the Prius with a sports suspension kit along with big wheels and tyres. With the new footwear and altered aerodynamics, I wonder what’s the km/l reading on Wald’s Prius.

After a few looks, it doesn’t look too bad, does it? Perhaps this will inspire some local Prius owners to do the dirty with their hybrid – I’ve seen some Mugen kitted Insights running around but not one Prius so far.