Reader Zaidee Hasrine has kindly shared with us on Facebook these spyshots of a few (four in total?) Proton Global Small Cars (code-named P2-30A) in Kota Bharu, apparently being benchmarked against a Volkswagen Polo TSI, Perodua Myvi, Honda Brio hatch and Ford Fiesta.

All are wearing trade plates except for the registered Polo, so it’s unclear if the VW is part of the tests, or just a random car parked there – too much of a coincidence though, don’t you think?

If the Polo TSI is indeed being benchmarked here against Proton’s newest baby, it’s a loose indication that the GSC’s motor could be turbocharged. Although rumours exist that the engine in question might be a turbocharged 1.3 litre Campro unit, we really have no way of knowing for sure.

Being a Proton (and one that’s so ‘volume’ at that), it’s sure to have many variants at launch. To that effect, these spyshots reveal two different wheels – a smaller six-spoker and a bigger five-twin spoker.

Looks like the car with the bigger wheels (right) has a little bit of a bodykit going on too, but it could be our eyes since the pictures aren’t too clear.

We’ve showed you lots of spyshots (plus a spy video) of the GSC since November last year, both at home and abroad. We’ve seen the dashboard, touch-screen and head unit, as well as its tail lamps. We also know that LED DRLs and ESC will be available, and that a CVT is very likely.


A name has already been picked from the Nama Siapa Hebat naming contest. Looks like we’ll have to get closer to the car’s launch, scheduled to happen later this year, before we know what to properly call it.

See our Proton P2-30A Global Small Car infohub for our full coverage on the upcoming Proton thus far.