Proton’s upcoming B-segment hatchback – which we’ve been referring to as the P2-30A Global Small Car so far – has been sighted in Europe again and our spies at CarPix have now managed to get a clear shot of the interior.

We’ve already shown you a first view of the cabin earlier, but this time we have much clearer photos. This seems to be a different car from the one snapped earlier because it has a different head unit. While the earlier spyshots showed what seemed to be a head unit with a big screen (potentially a touchscreen), this car features a lower-spec regular 2-DIN CD player.

However, despite it not being a big screen unit, it looks to have Bluetooth support as we can see phone buttons. There’s also a USB and AUX button, so it can potentially play song files via USB flash drives and portable music players. There’s a USB socket next to the cigarette lighter near the gear lever.

Moving down, a row of buttons control the door locks, hazard lights, parking sensors and electronic stability control (ESC). The air-con controls are in a regular three-dial layout, but the knobs seem to have some sort of chrome/metal-like trim for a more premium look. Looks good to us, what do you think?