Bad news for fans of the Mazda RX-8 and RX-7 sports series. Speaking to Automotive News, Masamichi Kogai, CEO of Mazda, has confirmed that plans to reintroduce a rotary-powered sports car into the Mazda range is pretty much dead. “We don’t have that kind of vehicle in our future product plan,” he adds.

Limited financial resources will be diverted to developments under the SkyActiv umbrella in an effort to meet increasingly demanding global emissions standards. Unlike rivals such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan, Mazda does not possess the same amount of capital for R&D.


Instead of developing a halo car, Kogai is adamant that constant improvements over the current SkyActiv range is more important. “If you increase the number of segments, then the resources we can allocate to each will decline and that will prevent us from developing truly good products,” says Kogai.

Kogai’s vision appears to be working with Mazda chalking up record profits and expansion plans involving facilities in Thailand. With that said, don’t count them out just yet – perhaps Mazda will take a page out of Honda’s book to relive its glory days in the distant future.