According to Car and Driver, we could be looking at a successor to the Honda Integra in the coming years. Speaking at the 2014 SEMA show, Acura chief designer, Dave Marek, has stated that the company is looking to introduce a new Honda Integra/Acura RSX to relive the company’s glory days back in the 1990s.

The last Honda Integra, the DC5, was pulled out of production in the mid-2000s with Honda announcing no immediate replacement. Things could be set to turn around as Acura gears up for the launch of the new NSX which is set to debut soon, leading many to believe that Honda could be rediscovering its sporting mojo.

In its most powerful variant, the Honda Integra Type-R DC5 – the Japan-only version – was powered by a K20A 2.0 litre, naturally aspirated engine with 217 hp. It came with the addition of a limited slip differential (LSD), Brembo brakes and a host of weight-saving measures.


Perhaps the biggest hint was dropped by Marek himself when he said that “a performance brand needs a flagship and it needs an accessible sport car. Not a sports car, but a sport car.” With the a halo model already confirmed, fans of an entry-level performance-oriented Honda can start saving.

Marek has also claimed that Honda/Acura openly acknowledged it made a mistake in trying to position themselves upmarket, leaving behind their dedicated fan base. Should the new Integra become a reality, expect the Type-R version to share its best bits from the upcoming Honda Civic Type R concept.

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