It’s really no surprise that stories with a local tangent featured prominently in our most popular posts last year, given the slew of local model introductions in 2016. In the end, six of the top 10 stories on offered an angle that was related to the two national automakers.

The very top story was the drive report on the Perodua Bezza, according to Google Analytics data. It trumped everything, and by a whopping margin – the page views for the next three stories put together still didn’t match the views it received.

This was followed by the story about Toyota price hikes on January 1. The Bezza featured again in the third most viewed post of 2016, this time with regards to its pricing. In fourth spot was the Proton Persona launch report.

A Volkswagen story about the Polo hatch was fifth, and Toyota and Honda – always brands in the mix, somehow – had the sixth and seventh most viewed stories, with the upcoming C-HR and new Civic respectively. Proton filled the final three slots with the Persona (first drive), the new Saga (first details) and the Perdana (launch report).

Here then is a recap of the top 10 most viewed stories on in 2016.

10. New Proton Perdana officially launched – 2.0L and 2.4L Honda engines, Accord-based sedan from RM113,888

In June, Proton launched the new Perdana, which is based on the previous-generation Honda Accord, like the current Perdanas used by government officials. At that point, everything you wanted to know about the car had been revealed, so it was pretty much just the shouting.

9: 2016 Proton Saga details – 1.3 VVT, pricing between RM37k to RM46k; variant-by-variant specs detailed

Details about the 2016 Proton Saga were revealed in this one, ahead of the car’s launch. The story also contained a break-down of the equipment levels for the variants that would be available for the car.

8. DRIVEN: 2016 Proton Persona first impressions review – improved CVT response and NVH levels

Following the Perdana’s introduction, the national automaker brought out act number two, the Persona. The first impressions report on the car ran a couple of weeks before it was officially introduced.

7. 2016 Honda Civic FC launched in Malaysia – 1.8L and 1.5L VTEC Turbo, 3 variants, from RM111k

It was one of the most anticipated car launches of the year. The 10th-generation 2016 FC Civic rolled in like a whirlwind and lit the scene up. It also put paid to the idea that the C-segment sedan market was dead, as shown by the growing number you see on the road.

6. Toyota C-HR – production HR-V rival officially unveiled

Will this one be a runaway success when it eventually arrives? Looks like it. Interest in the HR-V rival was keen throughout the year, as shown by page view stats, and this story led the way. Honda should have a bit to worry about.

5. Volkswagen Malaysia ‘Drop Everything’ Sale – Polo Hatch RM70k, Jetta RM89k, Passat RM116k

Who says sales and promotion stories aren’t read? If you have a good enough deal, it will, and this one – which announced a stock clearance sale for locally-assembled 2014 and 2015 production Polo Hatch, Jetta and Passat models – certainly did.

4. 2016 Proton Persona officially launched, RM46k-60k

The Persona made it to the top 10 most viewed list twice – after the first drive impressions came the launch report, which became the fourth most read story on our site in 2016.

3. Perodua Bezza prices revealed – RM37k to RM51k

Two apiece for the Proton Persona and Perodua Bezza in this particular list. The first for the Bezza was with this, when info about pricing was revealed a couple of days after the first drive report.

2. UMW Toyota hikes prices from January 1, 2016 – all models in Malaysia affected, up by as much as RM9.6k

On January 1, 2016, UMW Toyota announced an increase in pricing for all models and variants (except for the Camry Hybrid) in its model line-up. The company had in October 2015 said that it would be increasing it prices come the new year, citing the sharp depreciation of the Malaysian ringgit against the US dollar.

1. DRIVEN: New Perodua Bezza 1.0L and 1.3L Dual VVT-i – P2’s first-ever sedan is a game changer

Perodua’s first-ever sedan was much anticipated, and the page view clicks showed how keen readers were in wanting to know more about the Bezza. The drive report, which ran before the car was launched, served up just about everything one needed to know about the car, save the price, which came about two days later.