Here are some more spyshots of the Proton Satria Replacement Model. It’s currently undergoing road tests in Malaysia. Has anyone actually spotted it on the roads yet? The background in this photos indicate that the car is being tested in somewhat remote areas where it’s less likely for anyone to realize what it is.

A more “muscular” Proton Satria than the current M24 Satria.

The roofline indicates that rear headroom won’t be as bad as the Proton Gen2. Anyone think otherwise? It’s 2.43AM now, my brain might not be working that well :P

I keep seeing those rims on the Proton Satria Replacement Model spyshots. I honestly hope they won’t use this design in the final product because it looks a bit too “bling-bling” for the general public’s tastes… or my taste.

A look at the wheel arches show that the car is already pretty low in stock form.

I like what I see… but I wonder if they’ve sorted out the cylinder head shortage problem yet. The Campro has some production problems currently because suppliers in Australia can’t churn out heads fast enough.

Thanks to the reader who mailed me these photos.