I’m sure most petrolheads have heard of MTV’s Pimp My Ride show where they take old junked cars and turn them into bling bling machines. Transformation is mainly in the form of looks and frankly I think some of them are really ugly.

Now this is something in a totally different league altogether.

In this episode of Top Gear, they take an old Russian marque, a Lada and send it to Lotus. The Lada is a pretty old car with faded red paint, and a 1.5 litre Lada engine making a grand total of 35bhp.

Before: Notice even the rear steel wheels are missing it’s hubcaps.

Lotus track guru Gavin Kershaw tested the Lada on the track before work commenced and he mentioned “It’s the worst car I’ve ever driven.”

Can Lotus work it’s engineering magic?

After two weeks, out comes a monster with upgraded brakes, suspension, wheels, and a stunning black and silver paint job. The interior is also touched up with a retouched dash board, RPM meter, gear console, MOMO steering and bucket seats.

After: Add a little Lotus magic and this is what you get!

Powering the hunk of metal is a Fiat/Lancia Twincam engine making 180hp, tuned by an ex-Formula 1 engineer.

Boy, that guy sure is lucky to have Top Gear choose his car.

Video: Top Gear tunes a Lada

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