The 2004 AP list is out. Khairy says he did not get any APs. Someone connected to Rafidah is pissed off. The government denies the Naza Ria was given national car status.

On the criteria for awarding APs, the ministry said if a company used 80% or more of the APs it received, for the following year it would be given another 20%.

Those that used 75%-80% of the allocation would have their allocation increased by 10% in the following year. AP holders who used 60%-70% of their allocation would have their allocation increased by 5%.

For those who used less than 60% of the number approved, their allocation for the following year would be based on the number of vehicles they had brought in in the previous year.

How do we know if this list is unaltered?

We shall see if Dr. M has anything to say about this.

All of this started from allegations that the misuse of AP and underdeclaring import values has hurt Proton sales. It’s evolved to much more than that.