A short piece of news, yet would mean a lot to those eyeing the Proton Savvy but have been turned off by the lack of an automatic version. The Proton Savvy’s automatic transmission variant will begin production this month. Can’t wait to test drive it to get a feel of how the Malaysian-ized Renault Quickshift 5 feels like.

Just to re-cap on what the Renault Quickshift 5 automated manual gearbox is, let me quote my original blog post on the quickshift gearbox.

The automatic variant of the Proton Savvy will be using something new which Proton likes to call a Automated-Manual Transmission, or Proton AMT for short. This gearbox is basically the Renault Quickshift5 gearbox, which is available in the Renault Clio. After all, the Proton Savvy was loosely based on the Clio.

Left: Gear position indicator on the Savvy meter panel. In the manual version that space is blank. Right: The Clio’s Quickshift gear lever.

For more details on how this type of automated manual transmission works, read my previous blog entry on the Renault Quickshift 5.

Source: The Edge Daily