Proton Holdings Bhd reported a net profit of RM86.51 million in Q3 which ended on December 31 2005, thanks to higher car sales and lower debt provisions. This is good, compared to the RM154.33 loss in Q2, but still 38.61% lower than the RM140.92 million profit in Q3 of the previous year.

Sales increase was 22%, and revenue increase was 19% compared to the previous quarter. October sales was an all-time high of 22,971 units and total sales for Q3 was 52,418 units. This was up from 42,800 units in Q2. Proton MD Syed Zainal also said Proton has been using measures to bring costs down which included sourcing components globally, renegotiations with vendors and improved electronic procurement systems.

Proton’s future plans included increasing it’s market share in East Malaysia where it only has 25%, however in the industry as a whole it is the market leader at 40%. East Malaysia’s rough terrains are probably why Protons do not sell there, everyone’s driving 4WDs instead.

As for the international markets, Proton is also close to finalising a collaboration for car assembly in China, is seeking for a new partnership in India, and has just launched the new Proton Savvy in a few countries including Australia, the UK, and Brunei.

Proton Holdings Bhd (5304.KU) – Malaysia
3rd quarter ended Dec. 31:
Figures are in Ringgit (MYR). [Source]

  2005 2004
Revenue MYR2,153,895,000 MYR2,102,121,000
Pretax Profit 96,049,000 175,159,000
Net Profit 86,512,000 140,924,000
Earnings Per Share 15.80 Sen 25.70 Sen
Dividend Omitted Omitted
9 months ended Dec. 31:
Revenue 6,012,726,000 6,251,776,000
Pretax Profit (67,079,000) 614,406,000
Net Profit (80,174,000) 506,308,000
Earnings Per Share (14.60 Sen) 92.20 Sen
Dividend Omitted 15.00 Sen

Sources: Reuters, Dow Jones, Bernama