harrier_small.jpgMKN Motorsports Sdn Bhd is pitching for APs to import hybrid cars like the Toyota Harrier Hybrid and the Toyota Alphard Hybrid into Malaysia.

MKN Motorsports currently imports luxury cars and sells them at their newly opened Sales Service and Spareparts centre worth RM10 million in Damansara Damai, Selangor. It does not hold Open APs, but instead buys them from Open AP holders. It is also an authorised distributor for Ssangyong vehicles.

“I know that the Government has long stopped issuing open APs but hopefully, I will get the opportunity to bring in a type of vehicle which is relatively new in the country but is fuel-efficient. Hybrid cars are something really good for the consumers given the high fuel prices nowadays. They are already a hit in Thailand,” said MKN Motorports CEO Syed Azniputra Syed Abdullah to reporters at the launch of their 3S centre.