The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has granted Appoved Permits for all CBU models imported by DRB-HICOM into Malaysia. DRB-HICOM currently brings in the Chevrolet, Citroen, Honda, Mahindra, Suzuki, Audi and Mitsubishi marques. Before this, there was a problem in the AP policy where public listed companies could not qualify for APs because they did not have the required amount of bumiputra shareholders even if they were bumiputra-controlled. Of course, APs are for bumiputras only and being public listed, it’s hard to control the amount of bumiputra shareholding in the company.

The APs for DRB-HICOM’s cars are awarded to it’s wholly owned subsidiary DRB-Hicom Auto Solutions Sdn Bhd. The AP kings Syed Azman and Mohd Haniff will not be able to mint free money anymore.

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