GM Daewoo has launched it’s first Sports Utility Vehicle, the Daewoo Winstorm. Most of you may recognise this beautiful SUV as the Chevrolet Captiva. The 7-seater small SUV comes with a 2-litre 150 horsepower turbodiesel engine. The Daewoo Winstorm’s development took 2.5 years, and will be manufactured in Korea. It was first shown as the Chevrolet S3X Concept.

Analysts say this is a bad move for Daewoo as surging gasoline prices have dented SUV sales around the world. The Korean government is also moving to increase taxes for SUVs, which are currently not as high as passanger cars because SUVs were classified as commercial vehicles. On the other hand, some other analysts are of the opinion that the model will achieve success because the rising oil prices have hurt medium and large sized SUVs, not small ones.

The Daewoo Winstorm will also be available under the Chevrolet badge as the Chevrolet Captiva. Models under the Opel, Vauxhall and Saturn badges are also planned. All will be built in Korea. Other than the 150hp 2.0 turbodiesel, there are also news of a 133hp 2.4 litre and a 225hp 3.2 V6 petrol models.

DRB-HICOM’s unit Hicomobil distributes Chevrolet vehicles in Malaysia, and does not have an SUV in it’s line-up. It is possible that the Chevrolet Captiva might end up on our local shores.