Naza Bikes announced two new product ranges – a new brand of scooters called Scoped, which are badge-engineered scooters by Taiwanese company CPI Motor Company as well as a line of motorcycle lubricants.

Although it’s not clear to me at this point which CPI Motor scooter the new Naza Scoped will be based on, above is a photo of the CPI GTR 150. Naza says the Scoped will have a 4-stroke engine, and the GTR 150 the only 4-stroke unit, while the others are all 2-stroke scooters. For all scooters produced by CPI, click here. Naza plans to launch a second model in collaboration with CPI after the affordable RM3,000 Naza Scoped is launched. Local assembly will begin early 2007.

As for the lubricants, the new Naza NTech series comprise of the fully synthetic 4T SAE 5W/40 API SL/CF NTech 8000 at RM25, the semi synthetic 4T SAE 10W/40 API SL NTech 5000 at RM16 and the mineral 4T SAE 15W/40 API SF NTech 2000 for RM10.