Skoda Fabia Cake - 450
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Skoda has created this amazing Skoda Fabia cake for it’s latest TV advertisement campaign in the UK. They’ve swapped rivets for raisins, metal for marzipan and spark plugs for sugar. The video was filmed at West Londons Shepperton Studios, and Skoda even includes a recipe for the cake available online. You’ll find both the advertisement and the recipe after the jump. The recipe is really not that useful, more like a list of ingredients which gives you an idea just how big the Fabia cake is.

Skoda Fabia Cake Engine

Skoda Fabia Cake Ingredients:

10kg white chocolate chunks
20kg raisins
3kg orange peel strips
25kg dried apricot
12.5kg raspberry jam
5kg cocoa powder
100kg wheat flour
180 fresh eggs
100kg caster sugar
90kg brown sugar paste
50kg icing sugar
40kg black sugar paste
20kg glacier cherries
50kg white sugar paste
30kg brown almonds
42kg chocolate fudge