Piezo InjectorPiezo fuel injectors are all the rage for turbodiesel engines these days for the superior performance they have. Pieze injectors (graphic shown) can inject fuel using multiple jets and multiple injections per cycle, and is the key to reduce in-cylinder emissions, boost performance, and reduce noise. This comes at a cost however – piezo injectors are expensive as the piezo crystal that gives it it’s name is expensive to produce.

Robert Bosch GmbH says it has succeeded in developing a solenoid valve injector that can handle up to 29,000 pounds per square inch of pressure and will launch it later this year. This new solenoid valve injector comes very close to the performance of piezo injectors.

While high end manufacturers like Mercedes Benz would likely still go for piezo instead for benefits of better refinement and reduced engine noise, Bosch targets the mid-range customers for this new solenoid valve injector.